Jeff Levin, LCSW

Young Adult

As a young adult, you have the potential to resolve some issues while only responsible for yourself. It's a powerful time to make change.


Life in New York City can be stressful.  Being on your own is new, your job is demanding, the cost of living is high, and your relationships aren't always what you wish.



Let's take a look at the stressors in your life and areas you wish could change:

  • Determine what the source of your struggle is, and talk through the difficult parts of it

  • Review the many relationships in your life, their positives and negatives, and what might be missing for you

  • Take a close look at your family of origin and the influences your upbringing have on you

  • Discuss the parts of your life that feel within your control and the parts that don't

  • Break down how you spend your time, and how you wish you could spend it

  • Talk about the transitions you've experienced and how you have managed them


Therapy offers insights that will be with you forever. The earlier you do it, the more years you’ll have with its benefits.


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