Jeff Levin, LCSW

Speaking & Workshops

Family building can be complicated for anyone.  It's certainly the case in the LGBTQ community.


The LGBTQ parent community is growing rapidly, and intended parents need knowledge about the different paths to parenthood and what's involved in each of them.  



I'm passionate about supporting the LGBTQ parent community, and have facilitated discussions and served on conference panels sharing what I've seen over the course of my professional career as a therapist and Clinical Social Worker. I speak to LGBTQ groups large and small. 


I provide workshops about clinical and practical issues for both biological and adoptive paths to parenthood. The workshop covers the basics on different paths to take, identifies concrete next steps, and offers insight into the emotional experience of becoming an LGBTQ parent.



Get in touch to discuss fee structure and availability for speaking, trainings, workshops, and conferences. Thank you!

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