Jeff Levin, LCSW
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Relationships have a ripple effect on every aspect of your life.


Let's turn the tide. 


Relationship therapy
for individuals and couples

Relationships can be difficult to navigate, and many of us know when things don’t feel right, yet are uncertain about how to make improvements.  Having a safe space to talk freely can be life changing. 

I work with individuals and couples to improve connections with romantic partners and close relationships.


Jeff Levin 

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker committed to helping people build healthy relationships. Read more about my experience and approach.


Therapy Focus areas


Key relationships in your life, like partners, parents and siblings, or friends, are connected to your everyday happiness and wellbeing. Let's create concrete strategies to achieve healthier connections in your life. Read more.


I've worked extensively in the LGBTQ community and offer a safe environment for my clients to work on challenges both old and new. Relationship therapy, intended parenthood, immigration concerns, gender identity, HIV, and family issues are some of the areas that I focus on. Read more.


Planning parenthood can become an overwhelming journey for LGBTQ intended parents.  We need legal/financial info, referrals for the right providers, emotional support, and so much more. Read more.

Religious IDENTITY

Religious identity can change throughout your life, and expectations from those around you can be an added stress. Let's define your ideal connection to religion, and work through related relationships. Read more.


Getting your footing in life, love, work, and friends can be a daunting task, especially as a young adult and especially in New York City. You’re supposed to be having fun, and yet the things that get in the way can feel really big. Let's work to build your confidence and navigate each day as it comes. Read more.


Groups allow for people with similar experiences to gain support from each other and realize they are not alone on some of their difficult journeys.  Read more.


Your everyday relationships can hold the key to happiness. Ready to dive in?


Let's Connect.

The first step is often the hardest. Send me a brief note and let's connect by phone to see if there is a natural fit. I will respond to any inquires within one business day.

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