Jeff Levin, LCSW
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Religious Identity

Our lives may move in a direction which doesn't align well with our religion. Let's think this through.


Many of us affiliate with the religion that our parents give to us rather than choose it for ourselves. Then we enter adulthood, and we may need to rethink it.



Whether you are leaving your religious community or thinking about it, we'll work through the conflicts you're struggling with and help you find fulfillment:

  • Talk about the difficulties of self acceptance around your sexuality or gender identity
  • Work through the struggle of coming out as LGBTQ and the reaction of loved ones
  • Ensure you can strike a balance between your LGBTQ identity and religion
  • Discuss issues around dating and relationships



You may choose a partner with a religious background that is different than yours.  Addressing your differences now may help avoid future stress:

  • Consider your own religious needs as well as your partner's, and how they fit together
  • Bridge the gaps resulting from your different cultures and experiences
  • Talk about issues related to holidays, religious events, family expectations, and raising children
  • Explore the integration of your extended families into your lives, and the related obstacles that you face

    Whether it’s a big part or small part of our life, religion can still have an influence over us.


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