Jeff Levin, LCSW


Therapy helps you put your relationships, and you, in a better place.


When we struggle in our relationships, happiness gets replaced with sadness, anger, or frustration.  Many of us don't have all the tools we need to make improvements.



For those who are single or who have a partner, we can talk freely about your experiences and find healthy ways to get what you want:

  • Examine your relationship obstacles and how they were formed
  • Define your expectations and the expectations of those in your life
  • Find patterns in your behavior to achieve healthier connections
  • Consider the pros and cons of your singlehood, and determine the path that's right for you
  • Understand the way you make relationship decisions, and if your method meets your needs


Sometimes couples lose their rhythm.  We'll hone in on communication, trust levels, and other reasons that you may be seeking help, to find your old rhythm or create a new one:

  • Talk openly about tough topics that may cause you anxiety or anger
  • Identify your triggers with each other and how you react to them
  • Understand each others' strengths, and how they can contribute to solutions
  • Find effective ways of communicating and providing emotional support for one another
  • Build greater trust in order to increase your overall comfort level with your partner


    Separation and divorce

    We'll work together to break down this overwhelming event into manageable steps so you can breath easier and move forward:

    • Take care of yourself and use your emotional supports
    • Disclose your relationship status to the people in your life
    • Articulate your fears about the future, both practical and emotional
    • Decide how to move forward with your partner
    • Raise your children together as co-parents 

      Relationships take a lot of energy to maintain. Talking is the first step toward change. Let’s begin.


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