Jeff Levin, LCSW

LGBTQ Therapy

I offer a safe environment for my clients to share their stories and find their strengths.


Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community members live with painful experiences of lack of acceptance, strained relationships, social isolation, trauma, and much more.  The stress takes a toll on us, but you can find relief.


Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity

Being comfortable in your skin may not come easily.  Let's discover your true self and help you live with confidence:

  • Talk out loud about the challenges posed by your LGBTQ identity
  • Explore issues related to coming out to loved ones and friends
  • Recognize the negative LGBTQ messages that surround you and have contributed to your journey
  • Knock down roadblocks so you can discover your authentic self and share it with others
  • Establish goals and uncover the strengths that will help you achieve them
  • Allow yourself to make changes at a pace that's comfortable


Your journey to New York City has required strength and resilience.  It's time to take a deep breath and talk:

  • Process the traumas you experienced in the unsafe life you left behind
  • Be aware of the feelings of loss you carry with you
  • Discuss connections with family members and friends that live far away
  • Pull together the resources and emotional supports you need to establish a new life
  • Identify your strengths and put them to work


The pressure we feel from others to be in a relationship can be insulting and even cruel.  Let's focus on you and your relationship wishes:

  • Talk about your desire to enter or stay out of a long term relationship
  • Discuss your patterns with dating and relationships, and the decisions that you make
  • Allow yourself to stand by your decisions without being influenced by others' opinions
  • Identify who or what creates pressure for you to find love
  • Figure out what you want to be different in your romantic life, and how to achieve that change

Family Relationships — Parents & Siblings

Your family has been with you for all of your life, so you are used to their dynamics.  It's okay to try to improve them:

  • Work through the history of important relationships and their effects
  • Uncover the connection between your behaviors and the behaviors of your family members
  • Understand how an unaccepting, judgmental, or abusive childhood relationship may impact you today
  • Explore new approaches to others and ways to cope with their negative energy
  • Recognize that the issues may be about them, not you

Current Parents 

Whether you are challenged by disagreements or just want to do better by your child, talking it through will open doors for you:

  • Explore and problem solve the needs of your child/ren, your own needs, and areas for change
  • Discuss disagreements with your partner so you can arrive at a powerful resolution or compromise
  • Gain insight into your own parenting perspective and talk openly about what you wish can be different
  • Understand your approach to each other and how it can improve
  • Navigate sleepless nights, balancing family and work, financial concerns, and relationship changes




    A safe environment to talk freely is crucial for LGBTQ community members.


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